Westcoaster Big Game Fishing Kite

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Westcoaster Big Game Fishing Kite

The Westcoaster Big Game Fishing Kite was developed by West Coast anglers fishing large Yellowfin and Bluefin Tuna. 

The Westcoaster is constructed of ripstop sailcloth and is resistant to water so it makes it perfect for kite fishing.   The Westcoaster Kite comes complete with drone pocket. 

The Westcoaster kite flies best in wind conditions from 5 to 25 knots.  

With increased wind speeds the kite will naturally fly higher than desired.  Using heavier kite line, attaching a flag or employing the drone will help keep the kite down closer to the water.   In extreme conditions, we have even put a liter size soda bottle filled with some water in the drone sock to keep the kite flying lower to the surface. 

You can tune the kite to fly to the left or right by adjusting the center knot to the right or left.  Only small adjustments are required.  

If you happen to dunk your kite, simply rinse it in fresh water and its ready to deploy again.  Even flies when wet.

As conditions freshen so does the pull on the kite line, be sure to be running at least 80 or 100# spectra and have your kite rod and reel anchored to the boat.  For lighter conditions, it is recommended to scale down to 50# kite line for ultimate performance.  The Westcoaster can be employed to suspend and troll the Yummee Flying fish lure for the larger grade tuna off of Southern California and Mexico.  It can also fly larger or heavier baits like Squid, Mackerel or Double Trouble rigged Sardines.

The kite folds nicely into the drone sock for storage.  We recommend removing the kite from the bag and keeping the spars straight when storing for longer periods of time.




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