Warbaits Slayer Heads

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Slayer Heads by Warbaits have a unique head shape designed for fishing heavy cover, with Warbaits own PerFlex Weed Guard, StonePro Powder Paint finish and Mustad Ultra Point hooks.  The upmounted hook eye is streamlined to prevent snags.  Now available from 1/4oz to 2oz in 10 colored "Match the Hatch" bait fish paint schemes and 3D realistic eye.


 Warbaits Flagship Slayer Head  Warbaits Slayer Head DCP  Warbaits Slayer Head Firecracker Warbaits Slayer Head White 
Flagship DCP Firecracker


 Warbaits Slayer Head Burnt Warbaits Slayer Head Silver   Warbaits Slayer Head Dark Dayz  Warbaits Slayer Head Sexy Dine
Burnt Silver Dark Dayz


   Warbaits Slayer Head Black  Warbaits Slayer Head Yellow  



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