Tony Reyes Tours Tackle Box

*** Please bring your own bedding for the state rooms.***

Its usually a sleeping bag and pillow but if you like sheets, bring them.

We are now selling Tony Reyes Fishing Tours tackle boxes instead of renting them. The cost for renting the old buckets was $50.00 and you had to return the tackle when you were done with it. This way, you purchase the entire tackle box for $160.00 and you get to keep it and use it again on future Tony Reyes Trips. The retail value of the Tony Reyes Tackle Box and the tackle included is $200.00, and is only available to Tony Reyes customers.

If you are interested in one of these Tony Reyes Tackle Boxes you can either stop by or call 714-538-8010 and place your order with one of the guys at the store. All rental fishing tackle is available at The Longfin, nothing is sold or rented on the actual boat anymore.

Quantity Item
1 Plano 1412 Field Box
3 8 Oz. Torpedo Sinkers
2 12 Oz. Torpedo Sinkers
4 16 Oz. Torpedo Sinkers
2 Small Jigs
4 Medium Jigs
2 Large Jigs
1 Squid Jig
1 Fishing Plier
1 Rod Belt
2 Mirrolures
1 Grouper Leader
25 Live Bait Hooks
3 Bait Catching Rigs