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Terminal- Hooks, Swivels, Leader, Sinkers

Terminal Tackle for Sea of Cortez Excursions


Incredible impact and abrasion resistance. Fast sinking. Superior tensile and knot strength. Seaguar Blue Label 100% fluorocarbon leader material allows you to use a smaller test leader than comparable nylons or fluorocarbon for unmatched bait presentations


Mustad 9174 Live Bait Hooks, O' Shaughnessy hook, forged, ringed, 3X short, X strong, bronze finish.

Mustad 94151 BR Live Bait Hooks O'Shaughnessy hook, straight, point bent in, ringed, bronzed finish.

Izorline Monofilament Leader is a premium copolymer monofilament leader material, flexible, abrasion resistant and low stretch

Mustad R39942 Ringed Demon Offset Circle Hooks

Mustad R10827 BN Ringed Live Bait Hooks

Sea Striker Bill Fisher Leader Coils are formulated from a special polymer that is extremely strong for its diameter, has excellent resiliency and has superior abrasion resistance

Torpedoe Shape fishing sinkers

Mustad 92677 hooks are forged for strength and feature a 1X short shank, 3X Strong wire are reversed or "offset" and include Mustad's corrosion resistant bronzed finish

Owner Offshore Hooks are available now with a round action ring. Offshore hooks have a wicked sharp point, with a unique offset that provides super sticky hook sets.


Owner Super Mutu Circle Hooks with ring.  Ringed hooks also allow live bait to swim more naturally, and once hooked up, the hook pivoting on the ring tends to wear less of a hole in an active fishes mouth

Billfisher barrel swivels.
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