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Tony Reyes Fishing Tours Gear

This is the gear used and recommended on the Tony Reyes Fishing Tours. If you haven't experienced one of these trips, it is the trip of a lifetime. In store pick up orders are eligible for a 10% discount if you are going on an upcoming Tony Reyes Trip.
Lead Masters Egg Glow Sinkers
Salas 6X Jr Lures
Mustad 94151-BR Live Bait Hooks
Izorline First String Leader Material
Izorline Lighted Squid Jigs
Mirrolure 111MR Trolling Lure
Owner Super Mutu Ringed Circle Hooks
Aftco Bluefever Short Pump Gloves - Long Range
Smitty's Belly Button Belts
Izorline Rod Butt Belt L-539
Squid Jigs from Izorline
Izorline Squid Jig
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