Tony Reyes Fish Reports

Fishing Reports from Tony Reyes Excursions in the Sea of Cortez-

tony reyes

Tony Reyes returned from a chartered 6 day trip led by Chartermaster Clarence Becker from
Victorville, Ca.
They had heavy fog Tuesday and Wednesday in the area of San Francisquito.
The Yellowtail were of good size but it was hard to spot them in the heavy fog. They fished Snake island
which had good fishing for Yellows and Cabrilla. Casting plastics at the rocks was producing some nice
fish. Trolling the pink Mirrorlure was very productive for Cabrilla.
321 Yellowtail to 30 Lbs.
234 Cabrilla to 20 Lbs.
10 Grouper to 30 Lbs
15 Pargo to 12 Lbs.
12 Sheephead to 12 Lbs.
276 Bass
274 Misc. and released fish
Tight Lines, Tom Ward, The Longfn
June 2, 2018
Tony Reyes just returned from a 6 day chartered trip from Phenix rods.
Fishing was good especially for the larger Yellowtail of which a lot were lost. Cabrilla fishing was steady. Yellowtail were on the surface chasing bait so throwing jigs at them worked well with blue and white and green and yellow colors in Salas, Tady and Shimano jigs doing best.  
Mirrorlures and X-Rap trolling lures are still the hot item in the pink, orange and mackerel patterns for trolling.
The last day they had some wind making the Grouper fishing difficult.   Saludos, Tom Ward, The Longfin,
Tony Reyes Fishing Tours, San Felipe and La Paz Baja Mexico. Fabulous 6-day fishing adventures in the majestic Sea of Cortez
411 Yellowtail to 30 Lbs.
241    Cabrilla to 20 Lbs.
345    Bass
6        Groupers to 38 Lbs
1        Black Sea Bass 44 Lbs.
15      Pargos to 12 Lbs.
192    Miscellaneous and released fish
May 26, 2018
Tony Reyes boat the "TONY REYES" returned from a chartered 6-day trip led by Chartermaster Roger Rohm from Silverado, Ca.
They fished from San Francisquito north to Isla La Guardia with plenty of good size Yellowtail and Cabrillas around.
The large Grouper are starting to show up with more breaking off lines than were landed.
Some Golden Cabrilla were caught and released.
364 Yellowtail to 32 lbs.
211 Cabrilla to 25 lbs.
72      Bass
 7       Grouper to 140 lbs.
 5        Sheephead to 16 lbs.
21    Miscellaneous and released fish
May 19, 2018
Hola;    Tony Reyes just returned from his 6-day trip led by Charter Master Jerry LeCompte from Glendale Arizona. Tony said the trip was great with extremely nice weather as is common this time of year.
The larger Yellowtail are starting to show up as the water temperature is rising slightly. Most of the fish were caught casting jigs or trolling Mirrorlures and Rapala X-Raps. Bait is showing up in the shallow waters and the schools of Yellowtail are moving north with the bait.
Cabrilla fishing continues to be excellent with large fish the order of the day.
The islands of Rasa and Partida were declared to be in a reserved zone for the production of fish so Tony is not allowed to fish close to those islands now. 
There are still a few openings in Tony's schedule this year as can be seen at 
285    Yellowtail to 28 Lbs.
314    Cabrilla to 22 Lbs.
143       Bass
13        Groupers to 40 Lbs.
11        Sheephead
287      Miscellaneous and released fish
            Thank You, Tom Ward, The Longfin Tackle Store
May 12, 2018
Tony Reyes boat "Tony Reyes" returned Friday afternoon from a 6 day "Cal Star Rods" charter led by Gary Gibbs from Cal Star. Fishing was very good and the weather was great except for the last day and a half of the 6-day trip. They fished the main islands trolling Mirrorlures and X-Rap Rapalas and casting jigs at the shorelines for excellent Cabrilla fishing. Yellowtails were eating jigs yo-yo off the reefs.  Cal Star brought lots of give-a-ways and raffle items for the anglers. Fresh Ceviche and an evening of Carne Asada topped off a week of outstanding meals prepared by the chef. Live bait has been elusive so far this season but Tony expects it to show up any time now as the water warms up. 
350 Yellowtail to 22 lbs.
Limits of Cabrilla to 20 lbs.
267 Bass
12 Sheephead to 18 lbs.
3 Baquetas to 44 lbs.
6 Groupers to 38 lbs.
311 miscellaneous and released fish
May 5, 2018
The boat, Tony Reyes, just returned from a 6 day trip with 25 anglers of the "Let's Talk Hook-Up" charter. They went to San Esteban island where water temperatures were in the 60's with light winds in the morning which made the fishing difficult. They then went to Rasa and Partida islands which provided the best fishing areas of the trip. Trolling was very productive with Mirrorlures and Rapalas. Yellowtails were spotty and seemed to be a bit bashful this trip. Cabrilla fishing continues to be outstanding as it was last year. Tony attributes this to the fact that he is the only sportboat fishing the Midriff Island area of the sea of Cortez when there were 5 boats fishing it a few years ago.
126 Yellowtails to 20 Lbs.
458 Cabrillas to 22 Lbs.
220    Bass
  4      Pargos
 44    Sheephead
  3    Groupers to 85 Lbs.
  3    Sierras
187    Misc. and released fish
       Thank You, Tom Ward, The Longfin
April 28, 2018
Tony Reyes just returned from his first 6 day trip of the season led by Charter Master Bluefin Jim from the Longfin tackle store. They had great weather with calm seas every day. They started fishing at Rasa island and Partida where they found good size Cabrillas trolling Mirro-lures and Rapalas. They moved to San Francisquito and Snake island areas where they found boils of Yellowtails in the 15 to 20 Lb. range. The Pangas returned every morning with lots of Cabrillas and Yellows. Enchanted island had Groupers and Cabrillas.
    Water temperatures were 65 to 70 degrees.  Old time angler Rod Wilson flew out from Wisconsin to fish with Tony as he had not done so for 20 years and said it was the best trip and the best boat and crew he had ever experience on a Tony trip. He is returning with an ice chest full of fillets. Tony asked me to remind anglers to remember to obtain a visa at the border upon entering Mexico. Tony is now running every week through November and then he moves to La Paz for the months of March and April
257    Yellowtails     to 20 Lbs.   
498    Cabrillas    to 16 Lbs.
  6     Groupers    to 105 Lbs.
  1      Black Sea Bass    70 Lbs.
14      Sheephead
2        Baquetas
154    Bass
231    Miscellaneous and smaller fish were released


November 4th 2017

Trip report with the charter master Jeff with Phenix Rods, we had great weather into the Sea of Cortez this week, catching lots a Cabrilla up to 24-lbs and Grouper, and Yellowtail, fishing the best places in the area produced, limits on Cabrilla and Yellowtail. Fishing on cut bait, live bait, and trolling along the shore permitted us to experience a great trip, we had customers from Canada who had a very nice first impression of these trips, catching plenty live bait on the nights, and lots a fish during the day, some big White Sea Bass were caught for one panga, other a big Cabrilla, other Big Pargo had everybody excited.  We moved the boat a lot this trip and had the opportunity to fish many productive areas.

 Total Count-

YELLOWTAIL                         567

CABRILLA                              393

GROUPER                             3

PARGO                                  134


SHEEP HEAD                          12


 Tony Reyes 2017


October 28, 2017

Departed San Felipe with moderate winds. 

Heading to La Partida island where we started our fishing trip, catching some Pargo, Cabrilla and a mixed bag of bottom fish, later in the day we moved to Las Animas Island fishing for the afternoon.

Overnight we moved to San Esteban Island, where we stayed for a couple of days, protected from the strong Santa Ana winds.  Fishing was good for Cabrilla, a couple big Groupers, and Yellowtail.

When the wind backed off we moved to San Lorenzo Island. Fishing the South point area, lots a fish were caught throughout the day.

In the evening we began the long run to the La Guardia Island.  We reached Refugio point we got there in time to make live bait, and fish this extraordinary area.  Cabrilla and Yellowtails were landed here.  Smaller Yellowtail, but good size cabrilla. 

The last day it was on to Enchanted Island where fishing was slow, only couple boats did well here, we finished another good trip with lots of satisfied customers.

We are waiting for the next group.  Saludos

Count Totals- 

372        CABRILLA                         UP TO 18-LBS

299        YELLOWTAIL                    UP TO 28-LBS

85          SPOTTED BASS                 UP TO 6-LBS

55          PARGOS (A FEW BARRED ) UP TO 20-LBS

3            GROUPER                        75-120 LBS

3            SHEEP HEAD                        UP TO 12-LBS

6            BROOM TAIL           UP TO 12-LBS