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Saltwater Hooks

The Owner ST-36 Treble Hooks are available in both corrosion-resistant black chrome finish and red. These hooks are ideal for both fresh and inshore saltwater.

Owner ST-41 Treble Hooks are 2X strong with a corrosion-resistant black chrome finish, and are the ideal replacement hooks for improving the hooking power of heavy freshwater and most varieties of saltwater plugs, spoons and die-cast jigs.

4X strong, these Owner ST-66 Treble Hooks are the toughest saltwater treble hooks on the market!

The Mustad 7691 S/SS is for trolling, mainly with baits,  skirted lures as single or the trailing hook on a tandem hook rig with a 7732 SS hook in front. Point angled in


Mustad 7732 Stainless Steel Hooks Knife edge point. Southern and tuna hook, forged, ringed, stainless steel.

The Mustad 7691DT are trolling hooks with natural baits and lures. The points of the Mustad 7691DT are angled in.  Mustad Duratin plating for extra corrosion resistance, popular hook for large yellowfin tuna, bluefin tuna, sharks, wahoo and marlin

Knife edge point. Sea Demon hook, forged, tapered brazed ring, duratin finish.

Mustad 91750 D Jig Hooks, O' Shaughnessy jig hook, forged, ringed, 3X short, X strong, duratin finish.


Mustad 9174 Live Bait Hooks, O' Shaughnessy hook, forged, ringed, 3X short, X strong, bronze finish.

Mustad 94151 BR Live Bait Hooks O'Shaughnessy hook, straight, point bent in, ringed, bronzed finish.

Mustad 94151 Live Bait Hooks, O'Shaughnessy, straight, point bent in, ringed, nickel finish.

Mustad 7982HD Double Tuna Hooks, Dubin point double hook, forged, ringed, duratin, brazed, short shank, 2X strong. Mustad Duratin finish
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