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Fishing tackle rigs, leaders, gangions, wire rigs, monofilament rigs, hook rigs, bait rigs, trolling rigs for a wide variety of fishing applications.
Halibut Trap Rig
Carolina Keepers
Carolina Keeper
Grouper Rig
Fathom Offshore Wahoo Trolling Weights
Hayabusa Sabiki
Hayabusa Glow Sabiki Rigs
Hayabusa Sabiki
Hayabusa Hage Aurora Sabiki Rigs with Fluorocarbon
Hayabusa Sabiki Bait Rigs
Hayabusa S-005AE Sabiki Bait Rigs
Hayabusa S-505E Sabiki Bait Rigs
Hayabusa S-506E Sabiki Bait Rigs
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