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Rigging Components

Fishing Terminal Tackle including hooks, swivels, line, leader, crimps, fluorocarbon and more.

These Carolina Keepers are such an easy way to do on the fly leader adjustments while you fish.

Aluminum Alloy Crimp Sleeves

Double Barrel Crimp Sleeves

Single Strand Leader Wire

Calcutta crimping tools

Sato Spectra Crimps

Mason Action Rings

Tac Glue Tactical Adhesive

Calcutta rubber bands

Owner Ultra Split Rings are made from the highest quality stainless steel and are nearly double the strength of Owner Hyper Wire Split Rings.   The Ultra Split Rings are perfect for switching out hooks on your larger poppers when you are targeting Giant Trevally, Large Yellowfin Tuna and Large Bluefin Tuna

Owner Round Wire Welded Rings- are designed for connecting monofilament to either fluorocarbon or wire leader.  The round wire allows for minimum line abrasion unlike stamped rings.  The welds on the Owner Wire Rings are almost undectectable they are so clean

American Fishing Wire 49 Strand Leader cable is constructed from corrosion resistant Type 304 stainless steel and is a 7 x 7 construction that remains flexible, resists kinking and offers protection from the toothiest critters
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