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Lead Heads


Slayer Heads by Warbaits have a unique head shape designed for fishing heavy cover, with Warbaits own PerFlex Weed Guard, StonePro Powder Paint finish and Mustad Ultra Point hooks.  The upmounted hook eye is streamlined to prevent snags.

Owner Shaky Jig Heads feature Owner's TwistLOCK centering pin spring molded into the head to secure your baits to the head.  The round bend wire hook has a 45 degree cross eye, super needle point and black chrome finish

Owner Shaky Football Jig Heads feature Owner's Twistlock Centering Pin Spring to lock your bait onto the head.  The Football shape of the Owner Shaky head includes a contoured bottom to facilitate a rocking motion to achieve a more natural bait presentation

Owner Inshore Jig Heads

Lead Masters banana jig heads with eyes are excellent for catching white sea bass. They come with super sharp black nickel hook.

These lead heads are multi colored tri heads with a black nickel hook and big realistic eyes.

Football style lead heads.

Lead Masters glow banana head with red eye really attracts the fish and it a great head for fishing white sea bass. Super durable Glow in the Dark luminous paint

Lead Masters traditional shape "Scampi" lead head with super durable, highly durable Glow in the Dark luminous paint.

Lead Masters glow tri-head with red eyes are coated with a super durable Glow in the Dark finish

A great scampi lead head in a color that fish notice.
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