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Terminal Tackle

The Longfin offers a complete selection of Terminal Tackle including Owner Hooks, Mustad Hooks, Eagle Claw Hooks, Gamakatsu Hooks, Lead Masters Sinkers & Rigs, Sampo Swivels, Sea Striker Swivels, AFW Wire & Crimps, Custom Rigs and rigging components
AFTCO Saiko 100% Fluorocarbon Leader
Pros Choice
AFW 49 Strand Wire
AFW Leader Sleeves
AFW Nylon Coated Stainless Steel Cable
AFW Stainless Steel Cable
Aluminum Sleeves
Anti Chafe Tube
Bait Rigging Needles
Bill Fisher Leader Material
Calcutta Magnum Crimper 10"
[Contact us for a price]
Calcutta Rubber bands
Carolina Keepers
Carolina Keeper
Crane Swivels Black
Crane Swivel with Coastlock Snap
DaHo Braided Line Splicing Needles
Downrigger Weights
Downrigger Weights
Dubro Haywire Twist Tool
Eagle Claw L2004EL Circle Hooks
Eagle Claw L2045 Big Game Circle Hook
Egg Sinkers
Fathom Offshore Anti Chafe Tube
Fathom Offshore Double Hook Rigs
Fathom Offshore Wahoo Trolling Weights
Glow Torpedoe Sinkers
Grouper Rig
Halibut Trap Rig
Hayabusa Sabiki Bait Rigs
Hayabusa S-005AE Sabiki Bait Rigs
Hayabusa Sabiki
Hayabusa Sabiki
Hayabusa Sabiki S-502E Bait Rigs
Hayabusa S-505E Sabiki Bait Rigs
Hayabusa S-506E Sabiki Bait Rigs
Hayabusa Sabiki Bait Rigs
Hayabusa Sabiki Bait Rigs
Hayabusa Sabiki Bait Rigs
Hayabusa Sabiki Bait Rigs
Hayabusa Glow Sabiki Rigs
Hayabusa Hage Aurora Sabiki Rigs with Fluorocarbon
Hayabusa Sabiki Bait Rigs
Hayabusa Sabiki Bait Rigs
Heavy Ball Bearing Swivels
CH 18 dlx heavy duty hand crimper
Hi Seas Rigging Kit
Izorline First String Leader Material
Izorline Hollow Spectra
Izorline Lucky Lura
Izorline Wind On Top Shot 100 Yard
Izorline Wind On Top Shot 50 Yard
Knot 2 Kinky Titanium Wire Leader
Lead Masters Banana Jig Head
Lead Masters Cannon Ball Sinkers
Lead Masters Designer Tri Head
Lead Masters Egg Glow Sinkers
Lead Masters Fish Head
Lead Masters Football Head
Lead Masters Glow Banana Head
Lead Masters Glow Scampi Head
Lead Masters Glow Tri Head
Kote Jig Heads
Leadmasters Tri Head w/Eye
Tube Bait Jig Heads
Mustad 10814 5X Live Bait Hook with Action Ring
Mustad 39943 DEMON® Perfect Circle Hooks Offset
Mustad 39950
Mustad 7691 SS
Pros Choice
Mustad 7691 Big Game Hooks
Mustad 7731 Big Game Hooks
Mustad 7732 SS-10 Pack
Mustad 7982 HD
Mustad 7982HS Double Tuna Hooks Stainless Steel
Mustad 9174 Live Bait Hooks
Mustad 9174 NP BN
Mustad 94140NP-BN Hooks
Mustad 94140NP-BN Hooks
Mustad 94151-BN Live Bait Hooks
Mustad 94151 Live Bait Hooks
Mustad Gold Treble Hooks 35518
Mustad R10827 BN Ringed Live Bait Hooks
Mustad R39942 Ringed Demon Offset Circle Hooks
Orange Bullet Jig Head
Owner AKI Fish Hooks
Owner Aki Hooks
Owner AKI Twist Hooks
Owner Aki Twist Hooks
Owner Beast Hooks
Owner Beast Hooks
Owner Dancing Stinger Hooks
Owner Double Frog Hooks
Owner Downshot Offset Bass Hooks
Owner Downshot Sinkers
Owner Downshot Sinker
Owner Dual Dancing Stinger Hooks
Owner Flyliner Live Bait Hooks
Owner Glow Beads
Owner Gorilla Hooks
Owner Gorilla Hooks
Owner Grander Tournament Marlin Circle Hooks
Owner Hyperwire Split Rings
Owner Inshore Jig Head White
Owner J Hooks
Owner J Light Bass Hooks
Owner Jobu Big Game Hooks
Owner Mosquito Light Hooks
Owner Mosquito Hooks
Owner Mosquito Hooks Red
Owner Mutu Circle Hooks
Owner Mutu Light Circle Hooks
Owner Offset Shank Bass Hooks
Owner Offset Shank Bass Hooks (Wide Gap)
Owner Offshore Live Bait Hooks
Owner Offshore Hooks Ringed
Owner Oversize Bass Worm Hooks
Owner Phantom Tube Hook
Owner Rig'n Bass Hooks
Owner Ringed Flyliner Live Bait Hooks
Owner Ringed Gorilla Hooks
Owner Ringed Mutu Live Bait Circle Hooks
Owner Super Mutu Ringed Circle Hooks
Owner Rustop Corrosion Strips
Owner Single Replacement Hooks
Owner Sled Head Twist n Hold Shank Lead Heads
Owner Solid Rings
Owner Solid Rings
Owner SSW with Cutting Point
Owner SSW with Super Needle Point Hooks
Owner ST-36 Treble Hooks
Owner ST-41 Treble Hooks
Owner ST-66 Treble Hooks