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Terminal Tackle

The Longfin offers a complete selection of Terminal Tackle including Owner Hooks, Mustad Hooks, Eagle Claw Hooks, Gamakatsu Hooks, Lead Masters Sinkers & Rigs, Sampo Swivels, Sea Striker Swivels, AFW Wire & Crimps, Custom Rigs and rigging components
Kote Jig Heads
Leadmasters Tri Head w/Eye
Tube Bait Jig Heads
Mustad 10814 5X Live Bait Hook with Action Ring
Mustad 39943 DEMON® Perfect Circle Hooks Offset
Mustad 39950
Mustad 7691 SS
Pros Choice
Mustad 7691 Big Game Hooks
Mustad 7731 Big Game Hooks
Mustad 7732 SS-10 Pack
Mustad 7982 HD
Mustad 7982HS Double Tuna Hooks Stainless Steel
Mustad 9174 Live Bait Hooks
Mustad 9174 NP BN
Mustad 94140NP-BN Hooks
Mustad 94140NP-BN Hooks
Mustad 94151-BN Live Bait Hooks
Mustad 94151 Live Bait Hooks
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