Tady 9 Jigs

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Tady 9 jigs are compact heavy jigs that are popular for a multitude of species including White Sea Bass, Tuna, Dorado, Yellowtail, Wahoo and Grouper.  Can be cast and retrieved or vertically yo-yo jigged off the bottom.

 Tady 9 White Red S Glow  Tady 9 White Red S Glow Single Hook
White Glow Red S White Glow Red S Single Hook
 Tady 9 Green Yellow White

Tady 9 Sardine

Green Yellow White Sardine
 Tady 9 Blue Sardine  Tady 9 Anchovy
Blue Sardine Anchovy
 Tady 9 Silver Blue Black  Tady 9 Blue White
Silver Blue Black Blue White
 Tady 9 Brown Yellow White  
Brown Yellow White Mint White
 Tady 9 Silver Mint  Tady 9 Green Yellow
Silver Mint Green Yellow
 Tady 9 Chrome Blue  Tady 9 Chrome Blue Single Hook
Chrome Blue Chrome Blue Single Hook

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