Tady 45 Surface Casting Jigs

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Tady 45 Casting jigs are light surface "irons" and are excellent lures for a variety of species.  Cast out and retrieved with a moderate speed allow these jigs to swim with an erratic bite enticing action.  The kick of a Tady 45 is hard to mimic as many jig makers have tried.  Calico Bass, Tuna, Barracuda, Yellowtail and even White Sea Bass have fallen to the Tady 45.  When you think of your favorite Surface Iron one jig comes to mind the Tady 45!

 Tady 45 White Red S

 Tady 45 Blue White Black Splash
White Glow Red S Glow Back Blue White Black Splash
 Tady 45 Brown Yellow White  Tady 45 Green Mackerel Flash
Brown Yellow White Green Mackerel Flash
 Tady 45 Mint Flash  Tady 45 Purple Flash
Mint Flash Purple Flash
 Tady 45 Gold Aurora  Tady 45 Detroit Green
Gold Aurora Detroit Green
 Tady 45 Brown Yellow Mint  Tady 45 Mint White
Brown Yellow Mint Mint White
 Tady 45 Squid  Tady 45 Silver Pink

Silver Pink

 Tady 45 Green Yellow Mint  Tady 45 Wounded Soldier
Green Mint White Wounded Soldier
Tady 45 Brown Yellow Flash Tady 45 Chrome Blue
Brown Yellow Flash Chrome Blue
Tady 45 Chrome Blue Single Hook Tady 45 Black Blue Flash
Chrome Blue Single Hook Black Blue Flash

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