Strike King HC8XD Crankbaits

HC8XD Powder Blue Back Chartreuse HC8XD Chartreuse Sexy Shad HC8XD Chartreuse Shad HC8XD Natural Shad HC8XD Neon Bluegill
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Pro Model Extra Deep Diving Crankbaits from Strike King have a unique bill shape that allows them to dive deeper and quicker.  The HC8XD can reach depths to 20 feet and beyond.  Like all of the Pro Model Strike King Crankbaits they feature lifelike 3D eyes, durable chip resistant finishes, internal free floating rattles and needle sharp hooks.  The HC8XD has a unique swimming action as compared to the 10XD, the difference may be that subtle, but enough to cause that strike. 

 Powder Blue Back Chartreuse  Chartreuse Sexy Shad
Powder Blue Back Chartreuse Chartreuse Sexy Shad
 Chartreuse Shad  Natural Shad
Chartreuse Shad Natural Shad
 Neon Bluegill
Neon Bluegill

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