Seeker Inshore Pro Rods


Seeker Inshore Pro Rods

Seeker Inshore Pro Rods were designed with the help of Corey Sanden.  Corey is the owner of MC Swimbaits and one of the finest inshore anglers on the West Coast.  The Inshore Pro line is designed to fish plastics with spectra and a fluorocarbon top shot.  The softer tip section of the Inshore Pro allows for smashing strikes often encountered when fishing plastics.  Zero stretch braided lines and low stretch Fluorocarbon leader was the culprit of short strikes and break offs when using a traditional high carbon bass rod.

The Inshore Pro rods are constructed of high tensile strength S-Glass and a Carbon/Graphite fabric, creating a composite fishing rods specifically designed with the inshore angler in mind.

These rods feature Fuji high polished Alconite guides, split EVA grips and a Graphite trigger reelseat.  Available in 6 actions ranging from 6 1/2 to 8'.


All rods will require additional shipping charges, therefore do not qualify for free shipping.  Rods over 8'6" cannot be shipped, they are only available for in store pickup.

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