Seeker Black Steel Stand Up Rods

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Seeker Black Steel Stand Up Rods

Seeker Black Steel Stand Up Rods feature a Graphite and E Glass composite construction.  Available in lengths from 5 1/2' to 6' 3", covering 30-130# line classes.  Seeker's Stand Up rods are designed with actions that add lifting power, yet are still easy on the angler.  Black Steel Stand Up rods are available with roller stripper and tip, full roller, and wind on roller guide models.  8 models are available with Aftco Aluminum Unibutt handles.   Unibutt rods are designed for trolling applications where the rod will be put into a rod holder while fishing.  The slick aluminum handles slide in and out of your boats trolling rod holders much easier than with a rubber style handle.  Unibutts can be removed just above the reel for easier storage and transportation.

RS/RT- Aftco Roller Stripper Guide & Tip

AR- All Heavy Duty Aftco Roller Guides

AR/WO- Aftco Wind On Roller Guides and Tip with additional knot clearance for wind on leader connections

UB- Aftco aluminum Unibutt handle configuration

AR/WO/UB- Aftco Wind On Guides & Tip with Aftco Unibutt handle configuration

Please select from the models listed below, and contact us should you have any questions or need a recommendation.

Model Length Recommended Line Handle
Roller Tip & Stripper Guide
G655XH-5 1/2 RS/RT 5 1/2' 40-60 Hypalon
G6460H-6 RS/RT 6' 40-60 Hypalon
HD Roller Guides & Tip
G6455XH-5 1/2 AR 5 1/2' 50-80 Hypalon
G6455XXH-5 1/2 AR 5 1/2' 60-100 Hypalon
G6455XXXH-5 1/2 AR 5 1/2' 80-130 Hypalon
G660H-6 AR 6' 30-60 Hypalon
G6460XH-6 AR 6' 50-80 Hypalon
G6463XXH-6 1/4 AR 6' 3" 60-100 Hypalon
G6463XXXH-6 1/4 AR 6'3" 80-130 Hypalon
Wind On Roller Guides & Tip
G6455XXXH-5 1/2 AR/WO 5 1/2' 80-130 Hypalon
G6463XXXXH-6 1/4 AR/WO 6'3" 80-150 Hypalon
HD Roller Guides, Tip and Unibutt Handle
G6455XH-5 1/2 AR/UB 5 1/2' 60-100 Aluminum
G6455XXH-5 1/2 AR/UB 5 1/2' 60-100 Aluminum
G6455XXXH-5 1/2 AR/UB 5 1/2' 80-130 Aluminum
G660H-6 AR/UB 6' 30-60 Aluminum
G6460XH-6 AR/UB 6' 50-80 Aluminum
G6463XXH-6'3" AR/UB 6'3" 60-100 Aluminum
G6463XXXH-6'3" AR/UB 6'3" 80-130 Aluminum
Wind On Roller Guides, Tip and Unibutt Handle
G6455XXXH 5 1/2' AR/WO/UB 5 1/2' 80-130 Aluminum


All rods will require additional shipping charges, therefore do not qualify for free shipping.  Rods over 8'6" cannot be shipped, they are only available for in store pickup.