Savage Gear Squish Jigs

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Savage Gear Squish Erratic Fall Jigs- are center balanced to allow them to fall erratically through the water column.  Vertical jigging has recently been adopted by West Coast anglers and has been a popular technique in other waters of the world.  Many species of Tuna, Amberjack, Yellowtail and a variety of bottom dwellers will fall prey to these jigs.  Fish a Squish Jig like you fish any other knife or butterfly style vertical jig.  Freespool the jig to the desired depth, put the reel in gear and use the lift and retrieve "jigging" style of retrieve.  The unique center weight distribution of the Squish Jig causes the jig to fall slower with an erratic swimming action, often causing a bite on the sink.  If the jig stops before you reach the desired depth, put the reel in gear and wind, chances are you got a bite on the sink.  Available in 4 sizes ranging from 80 grams to 160 grams and comes in 5 proven colors.

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