Salas PL 68 Lures

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Salas PL 68 Jigs

Salas Lures has been around since the early nineteen fifties. These world famous jigs have been used to hook fish everywhere. Salas jigs specialize in catching yellowtail seabass, tuna, barracuda, skipjack, marlin, bonita, albacore, wahoo etc. 

The PL68 is a popular jig for fishing giant yellowfin tuna in the Revillagigedo Islands, fished at twilight or even into the dark.  We offer the PL68 in White and Glow White rigged with a forged stainless steel single hook just for this purpose.  

The glow PL68 emits a glowing effect when charged under a light source.  Often times the PL68 gets bit on the sink, so if your jig stops before you hit bottom, put the reel in gear and wind!

The Salas PL 68 lure is 7.5 inches long and weighs 9.5 ounces.

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