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Phenix Rods

Stocking a full selection of Phenix Rods- M1, Maxim, Recon, Swimbait, Trifecta, Abyss, Axis, Black Diamond, M1 Inshore, Redeye Travel and more
Phenix Abyss Rods
Phenix Abyss Rods
Phenix Axis Rods
Phenix Axis Rods
Phenix Bermuda Rods
Phenix Hybrid Inshore Rods
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Phenix Black Diamond Hybrid Rods
Phenix Inshore Assassin Rods
Phenix Black Diamond Rods
Phenix Black Diamond Surf Rods
Phenix Elixir Rods
Phenix M1 Rods
Phenix M1 Rods
Phenix M1 Saltwater Inshore Rods
Phenix Megalodon Conventional Jigging Rods
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