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The Longfin stocks a wide range of fishing rods for both fresh and saltwater fishing.  Top brands including Calstar, G Loomis, Okuma, Phenix, Seeker, Shimano and more.
Calstar Black West Coast Rods
Calstar Deckhand Rods
Calstar Stand Up Rods
$341.99 $239.40
Calstar GG Series Rods
Calstar Grafighter Conventional Inshore Rods
Calstar Grafighter Deck Hand Rods
Calstar Grafighter Tuna Rods
Calstar Tuna Rail Rods
Cork Puppy Reel Clamp
Cork Puppy Reel Clamp
G Loomis E6X Inshore Rods
G Loomis NRX Bass Rods
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Phenix Abyss Rods
Phenix Abyss Rods
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