Owner STX-68 ZoWire Treble Hooks

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New Owner STX-68 Treble Hooks are manufactured from Owner's Zo Wire.  The STX-68 is as tough as the ST-76 5X treble hook made with the thinner diameter Zo Wire making them the same strength.  The thinner wire allows for sharper points, superior hook penetration and better lure action due to reduced weight.  The STX-68 treble hook is perfect for rigging your larger surface poppers, trolling baits and as replacement hooks on irons.  As all of Owner Treble hooks the STX-68 is constructed of 3 separate pieces of wire for perfect balance.  The STX-68 features a corrosion resistant vacuumed tinned finish and the shanks are forged for strength.  Available in 2/0-7/0

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