Owner Stinger Siwash Hooks

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Owner Stinger Open Eye Siwash Hooks

Owner Stinger Siwash Hooks are now available with an open eye, which is ideal for switching out treble hooks or replacing worn or rusty hooks.  The Open Eye Siwash Hook is a great hook for Salmon Fishing in the Pacific Northwest as well as on the Great Lakes.  Owner's Dual-Tempering process creates an extremely strong hook and the Stinger Siwash hooks feature XXX-Strong construction, wide deep hook gap, Owner's Super Needle Point and are finished in corrosion resistant Black ChromeThe Owner Stinger Siwash Hooks is also a terrific replacement hook for striped bass plugs, deep-water vertical spoons, and heavy-metal casting jigs.  Owner model #5171

# 1 5171-101 7
1/0 5171-111 6
2/0 5171-121 5
3/0 5171-131 5
4/0 5171-141 5
5/0 5171-151 4
6/0 5171-161 4
7/0 5171-171 3
8/0 5171-181 3

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