Nomad DTX Minnow Lures

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Nomad DTX Minnow Lures

The DTX Minnow is in a class all its own. Now available in 3 sizes and a beefed up Long Range model.  Features a Patented Autotune towpoint system that allows the lure to run true and with its large bill it can be trolled in excess of 11 knots.

All DTX Minnows are through wired and feature super sharp BKK forged hooks.  Nomad's Hydrospeed technology is employed recessing the belly hook eyelet and adding the AutoTune tow point.  Autotune allows the bait to swim, deep, straight, and true all the time.

The DTX 140 & 165 will troll from 4-10+ knots while diving to a depth of 30'.

The DTX 200 dives to 40'+ at a range in speeds of 6-12+ knots.

The DTX 220LR will dive to 50' and can be trolled up to 14 knots.  Features a super strong metal plate body design.  Excellent for Wahoo, Big Tuna and Marlin.

Proven blue water trolling lure for Tuna, Wahoo, Mackerel and Mahi.  Additional belly hook eye for attaching an assist hook.

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