Mustad 94140NP-BN Live Bait Hooks 25 Pack

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Mustad 94140 Live Bait Hooks

Mustad 94140NP-BN Live Bait Hooks (formerly 94140BLN) feature Mustad's Ultra Point and Opti-Angle chemically sharpened needle point and are finished in Mustad's corrosion resistant and stealth Black Nickel Finish.  

They go through Mustad's Nor-Tempered process which makes them incredibly strong and allows the wire to remain round.  Opposed to a forged hook that has flat sides which allow the hook to wear a larger hole in the fishes mouth, increasing thrown hooks.  The Mustad 94140 is a very high-quality hook at a reasonable price.

Mustad 94140NP-BN Hooks are now available in packs of 25, click here to order Mustad 94140 pocket packs

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