Momoi Hi Catch Leader

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Momoi Hi Catch Monofilament Leader

Hi Catch Leader is a very high-quality monofilament leader material produced in Japan under strict tolerances and quality control.  Low memory and flexible, yet has superior strength to diameter ratio.  Momoi's special formulation allows for both extreme knot strength, shock resistance, and abrasion resistance.  100 yard coils, Smoke Blue

LB Test Diameter
100 0.95mm / 0.0374in
130 1.20mm / 0.0472in
150 1.28mm / 0.0504in
200 1.40mm / 0.0551in
250 1.60mm / 0.0630in
300 1.80mm / 0.0709in
400 2.05mm / 0.0807in