Mirrolure 111MR Trolling Lure

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Mirrolure 111MR Trolling Lures

The Mirrolure 111MR which are floater-divers can achieve depths of 25 feet or more. Mirrolure 111MR features a tight wiggling action which can be pulled up to 7 knots.

The lure will achieve deepest results at 3 to 4 knots with 125 to 150 feet of line.

Each Mirrolure 111MR is hand tuned and tank tested to assure a lifelike swimming action.

They have a natural appearance, great flash and rattle to excite tuna, stripers, wahoo, grouper, king mackeral, cabrilla, yellowtail and many more species of fish.  Very popular lure for the Tony Reyes Fishing Excursions into the Sea of Cortez

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