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Squid Jigs

Squid jigs are necessary for catching squid as they have many barbs and stick to them better. For the Humboldt squid I recommend using a bigger squid jig, one that is weighted and glows. They are irresistible to those giant Humboldt squid.

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Izorline Lighted Squid Jigs, These soft body Squid Jigs have a chamber inside that holds a small light stick.  No need to charge these under a light source, simply activate the light stick and insert into the small hole in the top of the squid jig


The Izorline Squid Gangion is a mono squid hook rig 5 hook - 190 cm. If you are looking to catch a bunch of squid at a time, like for making bait, then this is a great squid catching rig for you

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Standard size 3 3/4" plastic squid jigs with stainless steel squid hooks and fastners.  Available in 4 colors and glow.  When fished individually or daisy chained together these squid jigs are very effective for emulation squid "sacks" which squid cannot resist


These are weighted and ready to go.

Lead Masters Monster Squid Jig
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The Lead Masters five hook squid catcher is perfect for catching bait size squid.  Simply attach your torpedoe sinker to the bottom swivel and yo yo it under the bait light.

Izorline Glow in the Dark Squid Jigs are easily charged by holding them under a bright light before you put them in the water.  Also known as Luminous Squid Jigs, a special ingredient in the plastic body reacts by glowing when exposed to a bright light