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Saltwater Plastics and Skirts

Owner Inshore Jig Heads

Zuker 3.5 Trolling Lure

Zuker ZM2 Trolling lure

Owner Flashy Swimmer hooks feature a keel weighted hook shank, TwistLOCK Centering Pin Spring, Willow Leaf Blade, Super Needle Point Black Chrome hook finish.  The wide gap on these hooks allows you to rig even the largest swimbaits

Bass Patrol Football Head Silicone Skirted Jigs offer a more compact design head offering a slower, more subtle presentation

Warblades from Warbaits takes the standard Warbaits Slayer Jig and adds a blade for added vibration and flash.  Some days they just won't bite a stardard jig, but they will demolish a jig with a blade

Sierra Slammers 2" Swimbaits have proven to be excellent swimbaits for both freshwater, inshore, and surf fishing with light tackle.  Each pack includes 5 soft baits and 1 1/16oz Jighead with a bronze VMC wire keeper hook

OCEAN LURE CONCEPTS builds the finest skirts available and they can be found on some of todays most popular and productive trolling lures

The Bart 1656 lures are available in either a flat head or angled head shape.  The 1656 is named for Captain Bart Miller's largest blue marlin tipping the scales at 1656lbs.

Hookup Baits are manufactured in San Diego, CA, each bait is designed with realistic eyes, shape, color, and size of the natural bait it is imitating