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Saltwater Lures

All lures intended for Salt Water fishing
Ahi Diamond Jig Mackerel
Bass Patrol Football Jigs
Black Bart 1656 Lures
Black Bart Bad Guy
Cabo Prowler Lures
Black Bart Costa Rican Plunger
Black Bart El Squid Jr Lures
Black Bart El Squid Sr Lure
Black Bart Mini 1656 Lures
Maurader Black Purple
Bridgeport Diamond Jigs
Buffalo Jig Silver Glow
Catchy Tackle Wahoo Bombs
Daiwa Tactical Jig Tote Bag
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Fall Flat Jig
Calico Jack Black Green
Game Changer Pink White
Blue Yellow Stripe Pink
Mo Head Chugger El Tigre
NEW Pros Choice
Fathom Offshore Sails Call Lures
Same Ole Roll Blue White Pink
Halco GT Chrome Pink
Halco Max 130 Black Purple
Halco Max 190
Halco Roosta Popper Baitfish
Halco Roosta Poppers
Hayabusa Sabiki Bait Rigs
Hayabusa S-005AE Sabiki Bait Rigs
Hayabusa Sabiki
Hayabusa Sabiki
Hayabusa S-505E Sabiki Bait Rigs
Hayabusa S-506E Sabiki Bait Rigs
Hayabusa Sabiki Bait Rigs
Hayabusa Sabiki Bait Rigs
Hayabusa Sabiki Bait Rigs
Hayabusa Glow Sabiki Rigs
Hayabusa Hage Aurora Sabiki Rigs with Fluorocarbon
Hayabusa Sabiki Bait Rigs
Hookup Baits Brown Gold
Hookup Baits
Izorline Lucky Lura
Squid Jigs from Izorline
Izorline Squid Jig
Jax Jigs
Jax Jigs
Keitech FAT Swing Impact Alewife
Top Seller
Krocodile Saltwater Lures
Lead Masters Banana Jig Head
Lead Masters Bonita Flies
Chain Reaction Daisy Chain
Lead Masters Designer Tri Head
Lead Masters Fish Head
Lead Masters Football Head
Lead Masters Glow Scampi Head
Lead Masters Glow Tri Head
Lead Masters Squid Jigs
Kote Jig Heads
Lead Masters Monster Squid Jigs
Leadmasters Tri Head w/Eye
Bait O Matic Shark Killer Lure
Tube Bait Jig Heads
Live Target Baitball Spinner Lime Chartreuse Gold
Lucky Craft Flash Minnow MS Anchovy
Lucky Craft 190SR
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Lucky Craft PT100DD
Lucky Craft Flash Minnow 110
Lucky Craft Surf Pointer 115MR
Ocean Lure Concepts Replacement Skirts
MagTrak Lures
Mirrolure 111MR Trolling Lure
Golden Natural Tan
Pros Choice
Super Chugger Black Purple
Mold Craft Wide Range Purple Silver Black
Moldcraft Squid Tuna Rigged Super Glow
Pros Choice
Moldcraft Tropic Star Daisy Chain
Pros Choice
Nomad DTX Minnow Phantom
Nomad Madscad Spanish Mackerel
Orange Bullet Jig Head
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