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Salas Lures

Salas hand makes all of his fishing lures and thats one reason they are so special. The other reason is they catch fish like crazy! Whether its the salas dx jig, the salas 6x or 6xjr, the christy jigs or any others, they will catch you fish. The work great on yellowtail, carbrilla, dorado, tuna and many other species.


The Salas 6X Jr are perfect for yellowtail, cabrilla, white sea bass and many others.

The Salas 7X light lures have a nice big body but are very light and perfect for emulating a bait fish on the surface.


These Salas DX jigs are so effective and versatile they should be in every tackle box.

Since the 1950's Salas lures have filled tackle boxes of serious successful anglers.  The Salas CP105 is one of our favorites for yoyo jigging Yellowtail, Grouper, Bass and even Tuna

Salas PL68 jigs


The Salas Christy 1 and Christy 2 both have individual applications but one thing they share, is they both catch fish.

Salas 7X Jr Casting Lures