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Jig & Swimbait Heads

Jig and swimbait lead heads are available with eyes and painted to match the bait, also in plain and glow finishes
Bass Patrol Football Jigs
Lead Masters Banana Jig Head
Lead Masters Designer Tri Head
Lead Masters Fish Head
Lead Masters Football Head
Lead Masters Glow Banana Head
Lead Masters Glow Scampi Head
Lead Masters Glow Tri Head
Kote Jig Heads
Leadmasters Tri Head w/Eye
Tube Bait Jig Heads
Orange Bullet Jig Head
Owner Beast Flashy Swimmer
Owner Flashy Swimmer Hooks
Owner Inshore Jig Head White
Owner Sled Head Twist n Hold Shank Lead Heads
Owner Swing Blade
Owner Swing Blade
Owner Ultra Head Darter Type
Owner Football Jig Heads
Owner Shaky Football Jig Heads
Owner Shaky Jig Heads
Round Jig Heads
Round Jig Heads
Bullet Jig Heads
Spear Head Jig Head
Spearhead Jig Heads
Tri Jig Heads
Swimbait Jig Heads
VMC Boxer Jig
VMC Spin Jig
Warbaits Slayer Heads
Warbaits Slayer Heads