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Freshwater Lures

All lures for freshwater fishing
Lead Masters tri shape jig heads are a classic shaped traditional swimbait jig head.
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Lead Masters traditional shape "Scampi" lead head with super durable, highly durable Glow in the Dark luminous paint.
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Classic scampi lead head with super sharp black nickel hook.
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A great scampi lead head in a color that fish notice.
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Owner Sled Head With Screw-Lock Shank. For fresh or saltwater, unique shank keeps rigged soft plastics firmly in place. The Owner Sled Head (with a groove for rigging skirts) is molded around a strong, wide-bite rigginÂ’ style hook, all carefully balanced to ride in an optimum hook-setting position

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The Owner Ultrahead Football Type Lead Jig Heads are designed for a fast, vertical drop. Perfect for crawfish-type baits, which roll upright and side-to-side when jig is slowly retrieved along rocky bottoms.
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Kote lead head with black nickel hook.
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