Lead Masters Glow Weighted Squid Jigs

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These Lead Masters squid jigs are weighted and glow in the dark. These squid jigs really get the job done and work well at night or in deep water. These jigs come in different sizes depending on how deep you want to go. Here is how I rig them and how I recommend you rig them.

You directly tie your line on the top ring of the squid jig. Then you tie about a foot leader on the bottom ring of the squid jig and then tie your sinker on the line. It gives you something to hold onto after you land the squid. Especially those awesome giant Humboldt squid, that way when you try to get the squid jig loose, your hand won't be right by its beak. Be careful with those Humboldt Squid, they will ruin your day with their beaks.

These Lead Masters Squid Jigs come in a few different sizes;

  • 338 = 3 3/8oz
  • 638 = 7.5 oz
  • 938 = 10oz
  • 1238 = 13oz
  • 1638 = 17oz
  • Monster 24oz Giant Humbolt Squid Model