Grundens Petrus HD 16 Bib Pant Foul Weather Gear

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Grundens Petrus HD 16 Bib Pant Foul Weather Gear

We are honored to carry Grundens foul weather gear for fishermen. I am so glad because you guys deserve the option of buying good quality fishing gear from us for a great price.

Fabric: For professionals who prefer a knitted synthetic base fabric and a garment that has stretch characteristics, we developed the Petrus HD (Heavy Duty). Abrasion and tear resistant the Petrus HD fits your needs. A knitted polyester base fabric with Polyurethane (PU) applied to one side. This heavy duty fabric has stretch, is strong, long wearing and mildew resistant.

Applications: All Commercial Fishing, Building and Road Construction, Timber Harvest, Agriculture, Mining, Shipyards, Forestry, Utilities.

Features: Grundéns' heaviest Polyurethane fabric. Side gusset for adjustable width. Fully reversible (front to back) for extended wear. Reinforced hems with riveted seam. Available with speed-clip suspender hook-ups.