Fishing Reel Repair

We have always done reel repair at The Longfin and we would like to extend this service to our online customers. We have a long term knowledgeable reel repair man who has been servicing fishing reels for over 15 years and has a passion for the industry.

One of the most overlooked tools in a fisherman's arsenal is their fishing reels and the general upkeep needed to keep them running smoothly and performing correctly. Keeping your fishing reels running at top performance requires more than just changing the drags when they are jerking or slipping, the internal parts need to be cleaned and lubricated on a basis consistent with their use. While reels that sit in the closet all year should be serviced once a year to check drags, gears, lubrication and the spool if there is line on them, reels that are fished often need to be serviced atleast twice a year.

To get the best performance out of your fishing reels we also do reel upgrades. We can upgrade the bearings, drags, handles, spools and some reels can be modified to increase free spool even further by trade secrets he has learned over the years ;-).

If you are interested in protecting your investments by servicing or upgrading your fishing reels just email at for a quote on both cost and time involved and we will promptly get back to you.

Prices range from $19.99 to $39.99 depending on reel type. This covers cleaning and lubricating of the reel as well as performance diagnostic check. Any additional parts or upgrades will be extra. Estimated time that the service will take will be approximately 2 weeks. Other factors that would take more time is number of reels, condition of them and services requested.

The customer ships the reels to The Longfin and we will return them to you upon completion. The shipping cost will vary according to shipping location, weight and dimensions of the box and value of reels due to insurance amount. The Longfin is not responsible for any lost or damaged reels during the shipping process. We recommend insuring your valuable fishing reels during shipping. Reels can also be dropped off if you live nearby.