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Fishing Line

The Longfin carries a wide variety of fishing line, monofilament, copolymer, braided spectra, braided dyneema, braided dacron and fluorocarbon.
Izorline Spectra
Izorline XXX Super Co-Polymer 1lb Spool
Izorline Dacron Braid
Izorline XXX Super Co-Polymer Fishing Line
Soft Steel Bulk Spools
Izorline First String Mono 1lb Spool
$34.99 $29.75
Izorline First String Mono 2lb Spool
Maxima Service Spool Ultragreen
P-Line CXX Xtra Strong Line-Bulk Spool
Izorline Spectra 1000 Yard Spool White
Soft Steel Super HT Monofilament
Berkley Trilene Big Game 5 Lb. Bulk Spools
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