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Deps Slide Swimmer Glide Baits

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Deps Japan and designer of the Slide Swimmer, Kazumasa Okumura has teamed up with legendary trophy hunter Butch Brown to bring you the new and improved Deps Slide Swimmer 175. Stronger than ever, the 175 uses Jointed 8 rings to connect the bodies and eye ties. The Slide Swimmer 175 features a soft silicone skin which covers the new clear ABS injected plastic body. The silicone skin is still removable, providing access to the external weights which allow for easy modification. By adding weight or taking away weight, the rate of fall can easily be adjusted. The Slide Swimmer come standard with a Rate of Fall of about 5 feet per 10 seconds. With the new ABS body, Deps has taken jointed swimbaits to the next level by adding a spring weight to the front of the body. Like the original, the 175 glides silently and effortlessly, but by twitching, jerking or retrieving the Slide Swimmer at a faster speed, the weighted ball bounces off the walls of the bait producing fish enticing sounds. In addition, as the bait is falling, the spring weight system creates a slight vibration as the bait descends to the desired depth.


Below is straight from the Japanese website using a handy translation tool.

That weak wave-soft sound, until now all the big bait from a different concept and, Deadly trout bait "slide swimmer" that was created in an entirely new process.
Sublimated body material "ABS resin hollow core" and this big bait covered with realistic soft shell, and a unique soft sound, a soft wave and texture close to the real thing without limit, swim unprotected in straight retrieve bait the dying of bait fish that was weakened with fish and scratches to me realistic, in the twitch and jerk to agility to react to the rod operation, here each boasts a high strike rate to give a "between" to induce the byte at the point of.

Front core produces soft shell that overhang than the body, secondary action and that occurs push back an elastic the rear body, unique life water through duct capture the water flow from the face surface, bring to a soft shell that was to have a slightly deflection cans, us deceived monster in quiet appeal.
But not simply just soft just realistic, characteristics that can not be imitated with only "slide swimmer", which takes you to the big bait game to more reliably.