DaHo Braided Line Splicing Needles

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DaHo Braided Line Splicing Needles and Loop Tools

Hollow threading needles, loop needles, and latch needles for making wind on leaders, top shots and virtually seamless connections between braided lines and braided line to leader.  The Treading needles are hollow except for the point.  This allows you to insert the mono or fluorocarbon into the needle and then into the hollow braid.  The loop needles are used for making loops in the braid or for "opening up" braid for insertion of other needles or leader directly.  The Latch needles are also designed for making loops with techniques that require you to release the braid during the process.  Use the size chart below for guidelines as diameters vary between manufacturers.

Threading Needles
Model Description Tube Length OD Size ID Size* Spectra Sizes
N05026 40 to 50# Threading Needle 5.6" .036"/.900mm .026"/.670mm 60 to 130#
N06032 50 to 60# Threading Needle 5.7" .042"/1.06mm .032"/.810mm 80 to 130#
N08038 60 to 80# Threading Needle 5.8" .050"/1.27mm .038"/.960mm 100 to 300#
N10042 80 to 100# Threading Needle 5.9" .050"/1.27mm .042"/1.06mm 100 to 300#
N13047 100 to 130# Threading Needle 6.0" .058"/1.48mm .047"/1.19mm 130 to 300#
N15053 130 to 150# Threading Needle 6.1" .065"/1.65mm .053"/1.35mm 200# and up
N20060 150 to 200# Threading Needle 6.2" .072"/1.83mm .060"/1.50mm 200# and up
N30067 200 to 300# Big Threading Needle 6.3" .083"/2.11mm .067"/1.70mm 300# and up
Splicing Needles
Model Description OD Size Spectra Sizes
LS0355 Small Loop Splicing Needle .0355"/.90mm 60# to 130#
LS0420 Medium Loop Splicing Needle .0420"/1.06mm 80# to 200#
LS0500 Large Loop Splicing Needle .0500"/1.27mm 130# to 300#
Latch Needles
Model Description OD Size Spectra Sizes
RL0355 Small Reverse Latch Needle .0355"/.90mm 60# to 130#
RL0420 Medium Reverse Latch Needle .042"/1.06mm 80# to 200#
RL0500 Large Reverse Latch Needle .050"/1.27mm 130# to 300#

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