Cork Puppy Reel Clamp

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Cork Puppy Reel Clamps

Machined from aircraft grade aluminum and stainless steel.  Many of today's new rods do not have a reelseat, rather the butt section is wrapped with cord, cork tape and or shrink wrap, the Cork Puppy replaces the stock reel clamp for a more secure mounting method.  

Not only reducing the weight of the rod, it allows the angler to adjust the reel position to exactly where it is most comfortable.  The Cork Puppy is an accessory reel clamp designed for these rods without reelseats.  The surface area in contact with the rod when using a Cork Puppy not only secures the reel to the rod better, it also spreads the pressure over a greater area preventing damage to your fishing rod.  

Cork Puppies are available in 3 diameters, 25mm, 28mm and 31mm.  

The hole slots for the reel clamp bolts are adjustable in width to accommodate different width reels.  The Cork Puppy uses the stock reel clamp screws that came with your reel.  The clamps are hard anodized for extreme corrosion resistance.

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