Calstar Grafighter Roller Guide Tuna & Rail Rods


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Calstar Grafighter Roller Guide Tuna & Rail Rods

Calstar Grafighter Trolling, Tuna and Rail rods feature Calstar's graphite and fiberglass rod blanks, AFTCO roller guides or Fuji high performance ceramic rod guides, AFTCO reelseat and gimbal.

The unique blend of graphite and fiberglass increases the lifting power, reduces the weight, and are much more durable than all graphite rods.

Light weight Gray/Black composite rod blank with white, teal and black wraps. Graphite and fiberglass from butt to tip. 

The Rail Series are roller guide tuna rods that are designed to be used on Long Range Trips for Giant Yellowfin Tuna.  The lower end of the rod is reinforced for the added pressure exerted when using the boats rail to aide in landing the fish.

All rods will require additional shipping charges, therefore do not qualify for free shipping.  Rods over 8'6" cannot be shipped, they are only available for in store pickup.