Calstar Fishing Rods
Calstar Fishing Rods offers a complete line of saltwater fishing rods, from inshore rods, stand up tuna rods, live bait rods, grafighter bait & jig rods and IGFA regulation trolling rods.
Calstar fiberglass fishing rods

Constructed using Calstar black fiberglass blanks, cork tape wrapped handles made popular by deck hands fishing the Southern California sport boats, durable stainless steel guides and hand wrapped in black and teal bindings, finished in multi part durable yet flexible epoxy finish

The Longfin stocks the complete range of Calstar Rods

Calstar GG Series Rods are a graphite & fiberglass composite fishing rod


Calstar Grafighter Rods are the original graphite and fiberglass composite fishing rods.  Light weight, quick recovery and lots of lifting power is built into each rod blank and finished rod from Calstar


Calstar Grafighter Deckhand rods have the same blank construction as the Calstar Grafighter Jig & Bait series rods.  A blend of graphite and fiberglass, the graphite adds recovery speed and reduces weight, while with the addition of fiberglass these composite rods are as durable as an all fiberglass model.

Calstar Grafighter Trolling, Tuna and Rail rods feature Calstar's graphite and fiberglass rod blanks, AFTCO roller guides or Fuji high performance ceramic rod guides, AFTCO reelseat and gimbal

Calstar Grafighter Tuna Rail Rods