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Nov 9, 2016
by Brandon Van Dine
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Grundens Ankle Boots for Women

Oct 23, 2020
by Dean Plant

Grundens Deck Boss Ankle Boots for Women

Grundens Womens Deck Boss Ankle Boots

Now Available at The Longfin, deck boots specifically designed for Women, available in Deep Water Blue or Surf.  Shop Now

VMC BJ Boxer Jigs

Dec 10, 2019
by Dean Plant
VMC Boxer Jigs

VMC BJ Boxer Jigs

The VMC Boxer Jig Heads feature a traditional “boxing glove” head design - ideal for jigging or swimming swimbaits.

Order here> VMC BJ Boxer Jigs

New Phenix Maxim Bass Rods

Dec 8, 2019
by Dean Plant
Phenix Maxim Rods

Phenix Maxim Bass Rods

New late 2019 redesign of the Phenix Maxim Series bass rods.  Upgraded to 30 ton Multi-Axis Carbon Fiber scrim, and wrapped in a K-Woven outer scrim producing an extremely lightweight and sensitive rod.  Phenix has exceeded expectations with this introduction of a value series bass rod.  Order yours today> Phenix Maxim Bass Rods

New Shimano Flat Fall Jig Sizes

Jul 25, 2019
by Dean Plant

Shimano Flat Fall Jigs

Now available in 300g and 350g.  Just received our first shipment of the new sizes, in stock are Super Glow, Zebra Glow and Chartreuse White.  These sizes come unrigged, without hooks.

Order yours today- Shimano Flat Fall Jigs

New Shimano Speedmaster II Reels

Jul 15, 2019
by Dean Plant

Shimano is bringing back the Speedmaster name with a totally new 2 speed Lever Drag reel, the Speedmaster II.  Available in 2 sizes the 12 and the 16, beginning at $249.99, an incredible value.  Pre Order yours now for late July delivery.  Shimano Speedmaster II Reels

Shimano Speedmaster II Reels

Grundens Tourney Bibs & Jacket

Jul 1, 2019
by Dean Plant

New Grundens Tourney Bibs and Jacket

Designed with the tournament and professional angler in mind, the Grundens Tourney Series Bibs and Jacket provide comfortable all day waterproof protection.  Its athletic fit is perfect for moving around the deck.

Grundens Tourney Gear

Matte Black Okuma Makaira Reels

Jun 21, 2019
by Dean Plant

Okuma Matte Black Makaira Special Edition Reels

The Pro's Choice Okuma Makaira Reels are now available in Matte Black anodize.  Same great special limited edition Makaira, known for excellent freespool, smooth consistent drag pressures and tuna killing powerful two-speed gearing.  Pre-order your Black Makaira now for mid-July delivery, just in time for local Bluefin Tuna fishing.

Okuma Matte Black Makaira ReelsOkuma Makaira Matte Black

Shimano Curado DC Reels Just Arrived!

Aug 3, 2018
by Dean Plant

The New Shimano Curado DC are here...

Shimano Curado DC Reels

We just received our first shipment of the New Shimano Curado DC Digital Control Baitcasting Reels, 3 right hand retrieve models are shipping now.

Shimano Power Pliers

Aug 2, 2018
by Dean Plant

Tired of wrecking your hands trying to open the new style Heavy Duty split rings?  Shimano has solved the problem with their New Power Plier.  Available in two sizes for all rings from size #1 to #11.  A must have tool for your rigging kit.  Check them out > Shimano Power Plier Split Ring Tools

Shimano Power Pliers Split Ring Tool