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Black Bart Lures
Black Bart Lures from the famous Captain Bart Miller, a legend around the globe.  Captain Miller first started designing lures back in 1966 and with modern advances in plastics the cad drawing, some of Bart's famous shapes like the 1656 can be produced virtually exactly the same everytime.  Along with the new plastics, keel weighting the heads to make they track straighter and in the correct attitude.  Black Bart offers a complete range of big game trolling lures for Marlin, Tuna and Wahoo.
Black Bart 1656 Lures
Black Bart Bad Guy
Cabo Prowler Lures
Black Bart Costa Rican Plunger
Black Bart El Squid Jr Lures
Black Bart El Squid Sr Lure
Black Bart Mini 1656 Lures