Black Bart 1656 Lures

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Black Bart 1656 Lures

The Bart 1656 lures are available in either a flat head or angled head shape.  The 1656 is named for Captain Bart Miller's largest blue marlin tipping the scales at 1656lbs.  The Flat head is a great all position lure, tracking straight like a deep running torpedo. One of our favorites for the short flat line or short rigger position.

The 1656 Angle head runs best from the rigger with the added kick of the angled nose cut.

If you are headed offshore in search of the big girls, be sure to have a few 1656's on your "A" team.

Available unrigged, rigged with a stainless steel single hook or custom stainless steel double hook rig.

 Bart 1656 Black Green  Black Bart 1656 Black Purple
 Black Green Black Purple
Black Bart 1656 Blue Pink  Black Bart 1656 Dorado
 Blue Pink  Dorado
Black Bart 1656 Flyer Black Bart 1656 Parrot
Flyer Parrot
Black Bart 1656 Tiger

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