Berkley Trout Bait

Captain America Chartreuse Fl Orange Fl Red Marshmellow Pink Rainbow Sherbert Spring Green Yellow
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The Berkley Trout Bait is moldable and easy to use. Floating, formula enhances dispersion of scent and flavor to attract trout from a long range.

Model No. Color Wt.
BTBCA2 Capt. America R/W/B 1.75 oz.
BTBC2 Chartreuse 1.75 oz.
BTBFO2 Fl. Orange 1.75 oz.
BTBFR2 Fl. Red 1.75 oz.
BTBMW2 Marshmallow 1.75 oz.
BTBP2 Pink 1.75 oz.
BTBRB2 Rainbow 1.75 oz.
BTBSB2 Sherbet 1.75 oz.
BTBSG2 Spring Green 1.75 oz.
BTBY2 Yellow 1.75 oz.