Berkley Glitter Turbo Dough

Turbo Dough Chartreuse Turbo Dough Orange Turbo Pink Lemonade Turbo Rainbow Turbo Spring Green Yellow Turbo White Chartreuse Turbo Yellow
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Berkley Glitter Turbo Dough is 42 percent stronger than Original Trout Bait. A stronger formula, swirled colors, and fish-attracting glitter to help you catch more trout.

Model No. Desc. Wt.
STBTDG-C Chartreuse 1.75 oz.
STBTDG-FO Flor. Orange 1.75 oz.
STBTDG-PL Pink Lemonade 1.75 oz.
STBTDG-RB Rainbow 1.75 oz.
STBTDG-SGY Spring Green/Yellow 1.75 oz.
STBTDG-WC White/Chartreuse 1.75 oz.
STBTDG-Y Yellow 1.75 oz.

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