Aluminum Alloy Crimp Sleeves

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Aluminum Alloy Crimp Sleeves

Soft Aluminum Crimp Sleeves for rigging monofilament and fluorocarbon leaders.  

The highest quality available worldwide, precision dimensions for secure connections. 

Please use the table below as a guide only, actual line diameters vary between manufacturers and types of leader.  The inside diameter should be slightly larger than double the leader diameter.  Please contact us for recommendations.


Sleeve Size Recommended Line Diameters Pound Test
.8mm .57-.74mm 40-60
1.2mm .979-1.17mm 80-130
1.5mm 1.2-1.48mm 130-150
1.7mm 1.49-1.66mm 200-250
2.0mm 1.7-1.96mm 300-400
2.3mm 2.0-2.2mm 500

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