AFTCO Fishing Kite Kit

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AFTCO Fishing Kites

AFTCO's fishing kite is rapidly becoming the choice of serious saltwater anglers.  Constructed from nylon ripstop sail cloth which will not mildew and will fly even if it gets wet.  Flies in conditions from 4 knots to over 16 knots of wind.  Can be flown in lighter conditions with the addition of a helium-filled balloon attached to the kites special fitment loops.  Easily adjustable bridle, black sail material contrasts against the sky for visibility.  The Kite Kit includes both sets of Medium and Light spars to make the kite adaptable to changing conditions.

See related items for AFTCO Kite Release Clips and Helium Balloons.  Please contact us for help setting up your kite for maximum efficiency.

Kite Rigging

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