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Fishing Tools and Knives

Fishing tools including fishing pliers, gloves, rigging needles, splicing needles, crimping pliers, bait knives, fishing knives, fillet knives, sheaths, trollng straps and more.

Excellent gloves that give you the protection you need.

Stainless steel Bait Rigging Needles are perfect for sewing dead baits or bridling live bait.  Both Needles are open eye for ease of use


The SNIP from Boomerang Tool is available in 3 models, the Original Snip, the Salty Dog Big Snip and the Long Snip.  Snips cut through Mono, Braided Lines and Fluorocarbon with ease, providing a clean, snagless cut

Bubba Blade Knives are built by sportsmen for sportsmen, whether you are cleaning your latest catch or carving that tasty Tri-Tip, you will want a Bubba Blade in your hand.

Calcutta crimping tools

Calcutta Deluxe Aluminum fishing plier
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Calcutta pliers and forecepts

Corrosion X, Reel X, Speed X high pressure lubricants

Daho Braided Line Tools  feature hollow threading needles, loop needles, and latch needles for making wind on leaders, top shots and virtually seamless connections between braided lines and braided line to leader

This kit contains the essentials for any cockpit or at the rail of every sport boat.  Included are an 8" Duckbill Plier, a 7" Broadhead Cutting plier and Izorline artificial leather double sheath. 
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Dubro Fishing Wire Tools Dubro makes tools to make your wire leader building easier, Haywire Twist Tools, Wire Straightening Tools and a Kwik Twist tool for forming perfect loops and barrel wraps.

Edge World Fish Cleaning Knives are available in Straight Fillet, Breaking and Cimeter shapes.  High polish blade, non-slip handle, and a Edge Safe blade cover is included with each knife
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